Friday, 22 July 2011

Where's Waldo?

You know those books: Where's Waldo? Well I crossed IMVU with Where's Waldo and created a nice new outfit called Where's Waldo?

(The question mark there is for the end of the name LOL)

I had a hard time trying to figure out what  to do with the outfit to get it onto the blog. But I figured paint would do the trick. So I bet you want to find out what this outfit looks like! Well, here it is!

where's waldo - lying down pose

Where's Waldo - Adidas Shoe Red White

Where's Waldo - white pants

Where's Waldo - [*FS] Red&White Stripes

Where's Waldo - SC Dark Brown Short Dev

Where's Waldo - *CK*CandiCane xmas nails

Where's Waldo - TOTAL OUTFIT

So thats the outfit! I hope you liked it! The thing that says: Where's Waldo - something is the info about the outfit. The thing after the dash is a the thing you put in the search box in the Shop! The outfit costs a total of 3,459 coins. So new users MIGHT be able to buy it but for people with hardly any coins might have to earn them or buy them. But thats all for now! Bye!


Saturday, 16 July 2011

Introducing My Blog

You know how you see those certain IMVU users who have it all? The best clothes, the best friends, and everything else? Well, it sort of all starts with the outfit! So I created this blog to show you possible outfits for your IMVU avatar. It will include:


And if you like this blog and want me to post YOUR outfit on my blog. Add me as a friend on IMVU and chat me about your outfit! (OUTFITS THAT WERE SUGGESTED BY YOU WILL NOT HAVE A PRICE)

So, to add me on IMVU, just search up Guest_meekafurry in the ADD FRIEND thing!
Thanks for reading!

- Guest_meekafurry